A decorated war veteran and author, Gary Ferguson, pens his incredible journey in a lifelong search for freedom.

Gary Ferguson

“A Good Day to Die refers to the illusion of self. ” — Gary Ferguson


About the book and author
Gary Ferguson – From Soldier to Warrior 

An optimistic-peacemaker at heart, Gary Ferguson loved his country and was willing to die for it. Yet, this highly decorated Vietnam combat veteran returned from the war and found himself without a clear purpose or a way to move past the experience of war. Not an unusual story for most post-war veterans.

Through years of pain, loss, addiction and the haunting memories of war, Gary discovered purpose again and began supporting veterans across the country by taking the teachings of protecting his country and repurposing that energy into a service of rescuing and restoring the lives of his fellow veterans.

As founder and CEO of Pathways for Veterans, Gary tooled his energy and passion into supporting vets who had fallen through the cracks in our social system. With resources and solutions, Pathways serves as a vehicle to assist vets, and their families, with the battle that still exists in the minds of our bravest Americans.

Ready to serve again, Gary took pen to paper and authored the book, A Good Day to Die, which chronicles his life’s greatest journey. Through self-discovery, self-acceptance and shift in perspective, Gary found worth through his story. His wish for anyone who reads his book, is that they have a shift in perspective through the release of their own story.

“This book is an invitation to shake up your own shit, and then go into the world and be part of something greater than yourself.” – Gary Ferguson

A Good Day to Die – from Soldier to Warrior


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