A Good Day
to Die

There comes a point in our lives where we realize -
the absurdity of our story.  
Our story either dies and we discover our true self and live our life experiencing true joy and happiness – or, our mind continues to control our story and we live our life experiencing fear and pain. In either case, it’s a good day to die.

   Read this book and witness my journey down the rabbit hole. You will see your story in mine and transform your life to finding peace and joy in every moment.

Gary Ferguson


“Vietnam held no mercy for those people who fell in battle, as well as those who somehow found their way home; broken, beaten, and at a complete loss as to how to continue with life.” – Gary Ferguson


Support our veterans

Pathways for Veterans is dedicated to healing the spiritual war wounds of the men and women of our military. Our mission is to create a safe environment where all veterans can experience being heard and are given the tools to re-purpose themselves in mind, body and spirit.

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Gary talks about the AI-driven biohacking technology, that he's created and assembled, that has proven to help Vets experience relief from stress and get their life back.

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"I love connecting with readers on social media. Feel free to text me." – Gary Ferguson


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